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    These probably already exist somewhere on the internet… but who cares; I remade them.

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  2. Law school is INTENSE.
    Two twenty four this a.m.
    I am so tired

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    When you just can’t

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    QUINTA B. Everyone go follow this hilarious woman! <3 

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Buddhist Monks all the way from Tibet and India have come to protest in Ferguson.


    Buddhist Monks all the way from Tibet and India have come to protest in Ferguson.

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  6. nightelfdruid:

    Black kids are uncomfortable with being stalked and killed. I don’t give a fuck if you’re uncomfortable with people reblogging this shit just because you “come to tumblr for an escape”. This is reality for a lot of people. Grow the fuck up.

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    ORGANIZE!!! or Die!!! 

    We only have each other


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When you get fly as fuck and ya plans get canceled

    When you get fly as fuck and ya plans get canceled

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    I’m glad that Ferguson is getting attention, seriously I am, but I haven’t seen ONE post about what is happening over seas. Not even one post about the pictures above. Children are being beheaded and dragged into the streets where they are then shot because their families are Christian. Women are being raped and murdered. Men are being murdered. PEOPLE are dying. It’s a Christian Holocaust. And I haven’t seen anything on Tumblr.

    Why aren’t any of you furious about this?! Where’s the “social justice?” ISIS is murdering people who don’t convert to Islam (yes, I know they’re extremists and not all Muslims are like that. Save yourself the rant) but I really want to know why this hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

    Seriously, guys. This is really scary, and we need to raise attention for these people. They so desperately need our prayers and support.

    This happening to christian KURDS and yezidis

    There has also been over 100 girls under the age of 15 that have been raped by ISIS soldiers and have been forced into committing suicide. The Kurdish Christians and Yezedis that are on the run are begging for a quick death. The ISIS leader has threatened to ‘drown our enemies in their own blood’ which includes non-muslim Kurds, Americans and other countries that have offered to help stop this genocide. What the Kurds are going through is completely tragic, and they’ve already been through so much. So many Kurdish peshmerga have been slaughtered, this is going to turn out to be a total massacre….

    My people :(

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    [video] [h/t: sizvideos]

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